Case Study: Transphonic Records

You've heard tracks from Transphonic Records backing up scenes from your favorite TV series. Transphonic called on Hyperoptix to develop a corporate identity and website showcasing their library of thousands of tracks, featuring a superfast and easy-to-use search engine.

Summit Health Group


Two prominent Southern California physicians decided to break the healthcare mold with new, ultramodern centers offering the best in primary care, chiropractic, homeopathic, and physical therapy all under one roof. We were inspired to create a one-of-a-kind web presence to match.

D2 Music

Case Study: D2 MUSIC

Composer/publisher David DeMarco has his hands full these days, providing music for several hit television series as well as a song in the record-breaking FOX feature Deadpool. His website had a clean design from Segue Creative, what he needed was a kickass, intuitive search engine to provide music supervisors with easy access to his library. We helped fill in the spaces.

Case Study: TDR Engineering

TDR provides civil engineering, surveying, and 3D topographical scanning services for the construction industry - like that used for Madison Square Garden's elaborate renovation of L.A.'s "fabulous" Forum. Hyperoptix's 3-D opening animation hints at the firm's capabilities.

Case Study: Californians for Green Nuclear Power

This central Coast non-profit has nothing to sell but its message: that it's "dedicated to promoting the peaceful use of safe, carbon-free nuclear power, and to keeping Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open so it can continue in its important role in helping to preventing climate change."

Case Study: Plume Ridge Wine Negotiants

As purveyor to many fine wine retailers throughout the country, Plume Ridge needed to allow their clients to view the status of their orders securely but also allow the public to see which wines they carried. Oh, and they needed their website to pull data in real time from their office database. Hyperoptix drew on their extensive experience in database design to deliver the goods.

Is your site holding you back?

Your home page may be inviting enough to draw visitors in, but that's only part of the story. Take a look from the point of view of a prospective client or customer, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do pages load quickly?
  • Is navigation crystal-clear?
  • Is the site structure organized with general topics in the highest tiers?
  • Does the site function properly in all operating systems and browsers?
  • Is information presented in a concise manner?
  • Does the site invite the visitor to follow up by contacting you in any number of several ways?
  • Is it designed with the visitor's experience in mind, first and foremost?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "no", you're losing visitors and potential revenue.

Why Hyperoptix?

We've been designing professional, economical websites since 1999. Over 300 in fact, for industries including healthcare, aerospace, media, retail, publishing, automotive, waste management, computer, mail order, and others. We've worked with clients from multinational corporations to "mom-and-pop" retail outlets - and every one gets the same personal attention, service, and cutting-edge expertise which helps them prosper in a business environment that's becoming more competitive every day.

Call (818) 559-1400 now for a free consultation, or drop us a line and we'll get in touch when it's best for you.

A sampling from our Portfolio

Unicorn Wellness Studio
Fitness guru Tandy Gutierrez wanted to bring her edgy Pilates message to the world with an extensive library of workouts and hundreds of fast, fresh recipes. Her subscription-based site became an unqualified hit when Hyperoptix helped to make the bleeding-edge features Tandy envisioned a reality.
Bosshouse Music
This music production house provides music for the TV/Film industry using a lightning-fast database designed by Hyperoptix - set in a one-of-a-kind windowing environment.
Eisenberg International
This B2B wholesaler wanted to level the playing field for independent men's apparel shops across the U.S., threatened by Amazon and other online mega-retailers. Hyperoptix set about to give them the tools of the 'big boys', with easy one-click ordering and hundreds of options. Retailers love it - that means we've done our job.
Billy Childs
Grammy-winning jazz pianist and composer Childs needed a clear, easy-to-navigate site to present his varied talents and accomplishments, his performance schedule, and a way to buy his music online. Hyperoptix made it
Greg & Steve
We had to put on our silly hats for this one - a kids' website for Grammy-nominated children's performers Greg and Steve, with a solid e-commerce platform with which to sell their music.